Eventreads Advertising

Focused Customer Segment - We have created a system that places your advertisements in different market categories making your advertisements more visible. This means finding your advertisements becomes easier and enjoyable. 

Customizable - The widest selection of advertisement allow you to choose the way you want to advertise. You get to select the duration, market segment and place you want your advertisement to be at.

Eventreads Advertising

More people having access to the internet means more people are viewing your advertisements. Not just shoppers will be able to view your event but diners, event audience and clients will be viewing your event.                                                                                         

Hywhitt Merchandising

Having a business means achieving business results is important. With business merchandising, you get more product views, product awareness and customer availability when you merchandise with us.                                                                         

Merchandising With Ads


People are looking for new promotions, discounts and offers. When you advertise, not just shoppers will be seeing your ads but also diners, bloggers and event-goers. This allows more people to find the products available to them.